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Sarah Michelle Gellar gives a good performance in this film as Brett Eisenberg, a young book editor in Manhattan, who starts a relationship with Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin) – a hot shot in the publishing world.  Due to the age difference between them (Archie is about 25 years older than Brett), eyebrows are raised by those who know them.  In addition, Archie has two ex wives, a resentful daughter and a legion of former girlfriends to further complicate matters.

Archie becomes a mentor of sorts to Brett – after all he is extremely well respected in the field she works in.  But maybe Brett has to learn how to deal with her problems herself…

I quite enjoyed this film.  However, it does pain me to say, that as good an actor as Alec Baldwin obviously is (I adore him in 30 Rock), I think he may have been miscast in this film.  I think someone like Chris Noth would have made a fabulous Archie.  However, that didn’t stop my enjoyment of the movie.  Both lead characters put in fine performances, although some of the supporting cast seemed to be just going through the motions, and in particular, Vanessa Branch as Brett’s evil boss Fay, was something of a pantomime villain.  All in all then, not a memorable film, but not bad for a bit of light viewing.

Year of release: 2007

Director: Marc Klein

Writers: Melissa Bank (book), Marc Klein

Main cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alec Baldwin, Maggie Grace

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