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A film that is set entirely (save for about 30 seconds at the very beginning) set in one man’s car with him as the sole occupant, having various telephone conversations sounds like it should be dull. But this film is mesmerising. Tom Hardy is Ivan Locke, a successful construction manager who on the eve of the one of the most important contracts of his career, receives a phone call that changes everything. As he drives through the night, we witness his life crumbling through his various conversations.


Year of release: 2013

Director: Steven Knight

Writer: Steven Knight

Main cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman (voice), Ruth Wilson (voice) Andrew Scott (voice), Ben Daniels (voice)


Genre: Drama

Highlights: Tom Hardy – as the only visible character, he has a lot of responsibility to pull this off successfully, but he absolutely does it

Lowlights: None, seriously

Overall: If action and noise is your thing, then you probably won’t want to watch this. But if you like slow burning drama, with a simmering tension (Locke’s growing frustration is almost palpable) then definitely give this one a go


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