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Bill Hicks passed away in 1994, at the age of 32, and his death was a sad loss. This show was filmed in Montreal in 1991, and it’s amazing watching it 17 years later, how relevant it still is.

The first thing to note is that as a comedian, Bill Hicks is very very funny.  The second thing to note is that he was more than just a comedian.  He was a social commentator, who was never afraid to stand up for what he believed in.

I have probably said this in one of my earlier reviews (specifically of Bill Hicks’ ‘One Night Stand’ show), but I still want to mention that Bill always gave me the impression that he was disappointed in humanity, and the lack of humanity that people sometimes show to their fellow men.  Ignorance and stupidity angered him.  Banality and mediocrity angered him.  And he was a very intelligent man who was able to articulate exactly what was wrong with so many factions of society.  Yes, there is crudity in his act, and it may not be for the easily offended.  But I would recommend anybody to check out Bill Hicks.  There’s more than just a load of belly laughs here – there is plenty to think about too.

Among his targets on this show are the advertising industry, the Iraq War (the first one), George Bush (the first one) and of course, the anti-smoking fraternity.

Year of release: 1992

Director: Chris Bould

Writer: Bill Hicks

Main cast: Bill Hicks

(For more information about Bill Hicks, please click here.)

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Only half an hour long – which is not long enough!  That is my only complaint about this show.

Bill Hicks is sadly no longer with us, and I feel that we lost a genuine talent when he died.  Not only is he a very very funny man, but he speaks so much sense.  As well as making the you laugh, he also makes you think, as he unleashes his own particular bitter brand of humour on subjects such as drugs, rock n’ roll and advertising.

Bill was certainly cynical, but it’s obvious that he also thought about things a lot – he cared about what was going wrong with the world, and he could see when things such as drugs and pornography were used as scapegoats – easy things to hang blame on.  Someone once said that they thought that Bill Hicks was disappointed with humanity, and I think that that could well have been true.

This DVD captures Bill doing a very, very funny and thought provoking stand up routine – well worth a watch.

Year of release: (Series 1989 – 1992)

Directors: Peter Calabrese, Robin Shlien

Writer: Bill Hicks

Main Cast: Bill Hicks

(For more information about Bill Hicks, please click here.)

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