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Christmas Eve in New York and there is a power outage resulting in six separate groups of people getting stuck in lifts. Throughout the night, tensions rise to the surface, bonds are forged and they learn a lot about themselves and each other.

As Christmas movies go, this is a new favourite for me. I love movies set all in one location, and this is kind of in that genre. It’s set in six locations but all very small and exactly the same people in each setting. A great cast including Patrick Stewart, James Roday, Cheryl Hines and Gary Cole all do a fantastic job. A great, sweet and heartwarming story.


Year of release: 2015

Director: Mitch Davis

Writers: Mitch Davies, Tyler McKellar

Main cast: Patrick Stewart, James Roday, Cheryl Hines, Gary Cole, Jon Heder, Julianna Guill


Genre: Drama, Christmas

Highlights: Loved the shoppers and the boss and recently laid off employee. Didn’t actually dislike any of the groups

Lowlights: None. If I absolutely had to nitpick, I’d say I wished Patrick Stewart’s character had been trapped with someone rather than on his own (this happens right at the beginning of the film so it’s not a spoiler) but I imagine this was done to highlight his isolation and how he had cut off the important people in his life. But it’s a tiny niggle.

Overall: Possibly my new favourite Christmas movie, and a staple on my holiday rota from now on


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