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Mia is 17, and has everything to live for.  She has an amazing talent for playing cello, a chance to go to Juilliard Performing Arts Conservatory in NYC, a loving family and a wonderful boyfriend.  But then there’s a car crash.  And Mia suddenly sees herself lying in a hospital bed in a coma, near to death.  As her family, friends and boyfriend gather around, while the doctors and nurses try to mend her broken body, Mia realises that she has a choice to make.  Should she stay, or should she go?  It’s the only choice that Mia has to make…but it’s the only one that matters…

Well – WOW!  This was a fantastic book.  It’s aimed at young adults (apparently), but I will ruefully admit that I do not fall into that category and I loved it.  I think it’s a book that would have a very wide appeal.

The narrator is Mia herself, who is able to observe herself in the hospital and see the actions of her friends and family who are all so devastated at what has happened.  She is a fabulous narrator, and a character who I really grew to care about.  Indeed, all of the characters were beautifully drawn, and very believable.  I thought Mia’s family were fantastic, and her boyfriend Adam and best friend Kim could have been people I knew in college!

There are two timelines running through the book – the time that Mia is in hospital where she is able to see her broken and bruised body and observe what is happening to her; and the story of Mia’s life, and specifically her relationships with Adam, Kim and her family.  The two timelines meshed well, and never got confusing.  Mia’s questioning of herself over whether she should stay (in this life) or let go and let herself die is totally believable.  It’s not often that a book moves me to tears, but this one did.

The writing flowed beautifully – not once did I feel bored – I just wanted to know what would happen next, and what would happen to this strong, intelligent and sweet character.  I felt that the author allowed the reader to completely see into the Mia’s thoughts, and in doing so, she has written a beautiful, uplifting, yet sad book. I’m not spoiling the ending for anyone, so if you want to know what happens, you’ll have to read this book for yourself.  I would certainly recommend it very highly!

(I would like to thank Transworld Publishers for sending me this book to review.  Transworld Publisher’s website can be found here.  Gayle Forman’s website can be found here.)

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