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Pride and Prejudice is probably Jane Austen’s most popular novel.  Although she is one of my favourite writers, this is probably not my favourite book of hers, but I do very much enjoy reading it, and it stands up well to repeated reads.

It tells the story of the Bennett family of Hertfordshire, their five daughters, and primarily their second eldest daughter Elizabeth.  When she initially encounters Mr Darcy she finds him aloof and cold, and takes an almost instant dislike to him.  His pride and her prejudices mean that they seem unlikely ever to be anything more than acquaintances, but circumstances conspire to bring them to each other’s notice time after time.

I think Jane Austen’s sharp wit comes through in this book, probably more than in her others (with the possible exception of ‘Emma’).  She casts a wry eye over the social niceties of the time, and is not afraid of poking gentle fun at her characters. Elizabeth is a fabulous character – feisty and intelligent, but not above feeling compassion and tenderness to others – primarily her elder sister Jane.

The story isn’t just about Elizabeth and Darcy; it chronicles the events in the lives of the rest of the family as well, but Elizabeth is the character who engages the reader the most.

All of the characters are well developed and distinctive, and the story unfolds beautifully.  Overall, this is a deserved classic, and one which I would very highly recommend.  5 out of 5 from me.

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