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The classic 1954 MGM musical is brought to the stage in this fabulous production starring Sam Attwater and Helena Blackman as Adam Pontipee and his his new wife Milly.  When Milly marries Adam after just one brief meeting, she is dismayed to discover that he has six unruly brothers who she is expected to look after.  She sets about improving their appearance and manners, and help them to find wives of their own.

This show is a wonderful adaptation of the film – it captures all of the films high energy, laughter and colour.  The cast, led by a charismatic Attwater and the adorable Blackman, were all wonderful, and there were loads of laughs to be had throughout.  The dances – particularly the barn dance, with the whole cast involved – were the highlight of the show.  Incorporating acrobatics and ballet, the routines made me feel breathless just watching them.

I also loved the scenery, which slid on and off the stage as the scenes dictated, and which perfectly set the stage for the action to unfold, and there were a few lovely new songs added to the show, alongside old favourites like Wonderful Wonderful Day, Sobbin’ Women, and my personal favourite Bless Your Beautiful Hide.  Attwater may be more of an actor than a singer,  but he handled his songs well.  Blackman has a truly lovely singing voice, and both she and Attwater were well suited to their roles.  A special mention also to Jack Greaves, who played the sweet youngest Pontipee brother Gideon, and Georgina Parkinson as Alice, the girl with whom Gideon falls in love.

Wonderful fun, wonderful songs and incredible dancing made this a truly wonderful show, and I defy anyone who sees it to leave the theatre without a huge smile on their face, and a big spring in their step.

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