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This is an enjoyable little thriller, with a great cast headed up by Jeff Bridges (who, I may have mentioned before, is my all time favourite actor), Jon Abrahams and Noah Wyle.

Abrahams is Lenny, an occasional driver, who accepts a job not realising that he is about to become embroiled in the kidnapping of gangster Jimmy Berg (Bridges).  Circumstances mean that Lenny ends up holding Jimmy hostage in the back of his van, while Lenny’s boss and Jimmy’s partner try to resolve their differences and come to an agreement in order that Jimmy can go free.  A young couple running a delicatessen near to where the drama is unfolding become unwittingly involved, as do two young decorators working on a nearby building.

I’ve heard a few negative reviews of this film, but I actually really enjoyed it.  The action takes place pretty much in real time, and in just a few locations (predominantly in the back of the van, inside the delicatessen and inside the house of Jimmy’s partner).  This lends a claustrophobic atmosphere to the movie.  The cast are all great; Jeff Bridges never disappoints – I think he is one of the most under-rated actors around (try and find a bad performance by him – there isn’t one)! – and he is excellent here as the charismatic, smooth talking Jimmy.  Jon Abrahams also shines as Lenny, who finds himself out of his depth and not sure who he can trust; and Noah Wyle is convincing as Seth, Jimmy’s bodyguard with an evil streak.  It’s interesting to see Wyle play this sort of character, as he is of course most well known for playing the sweet natured John Carter in ER.  He proves his versatility with this role.

I would definitely recommend this movie.

Year of release: 2001

Director: Dominique Forma

Writer: Dominique Forma, Daniel Golka, Amit Mehta

Main cast: Jeff Bridges, Noah Wyle, Jon Abrahams, R. Lee Ermey, Morris Chestnut, Kerri Randles

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