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I like Nick Hornby’s books as a rule, and this one is no exception, although having watched the film based on it, I will forever see Hugh Grant as Will.  (For fans of the film, it may be worthy of note that there were some big changes to the storyline in the transition from the page to the screen).

The story concerns Will, a 36 year old man who has never really grown up and accepted responsibility in any form, and the friendship he forms with 12 year old Marcus, who has probably had to grow up far too quickly and take on more responsibility than a boy of that age ever deserves. While Will’s life revolves around women, looking good and listening to the right kind of music, Marcus finds himself taking care of his emotionally fragile mother and dealing with being an outcast at school. Circumstances cause their two lives to collide, and just maybe they can both learn something about life from each other.

Nick Hornby has an easy writing style, which flows well.  He brings his characters to life, and I felt that both of the main characters – and the lesser ones – were well rounded.

There’s humour running throughout the book, but it also takes on some tougher issues.

All in all, definitely worth reading.

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