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Dan Hilles has a problem.  Since splitting up with his girlfriend Stacey, he just can’t seem to get any….you know what.  Yes, as the days turn into weeks, he realises he is experiencing a sexual drought.  Fortunately, he has his three best friends, Rob, Ollie and Jack, to help him find the girl who will finally end the dry spell.  But try as they might, Dan just can’t seem to seal the deal, and he finds himself in all manner of embarrassing, dangerous, and (for the reader anyway) hilarious situations.  So will he find the girl he’s looking for – I mean, just how long can a drought last?!

This book is described as lad-lit, but that shouldn’t put off female readers.  I chuckled my way through it from beginning to end, and it did make me laugh out loud on occasion, which is something that doesn’t happen very often!

The writing flowed well, as Dan lurched from one unfortunate situation to another.  I also liked the main characters.  The book is narrated by Dan – a regular guy who likes hanging out with his mates – and through his eyes, we really get to know his friends and colleagues.  The only character I wasn’t keen on was Jack, but he still provided some comical moments.

Admittedly, I guessed fairly early on where the story was heading (although the ending still had a nice subtle twist to it), but that didn’t really matter, because the journey to get there was so much fun.  An enjoyable read, that I would definitely recommend.

(I would like to thank the author for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.   Under no circumstances did this affect my opinion or review of the novel.  Steven Scaffardi’s website can be found here.)

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