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This is a tense psychological thriller, with sinister undertones.

Cassie answers a job advertisement requesting a couple for a housekeeping position in a remote part of the Australian bush.  She thinks that this will either make or break her relationship with the unreliable Graham. 

However, when they get there, they find that things are very strange.  The house owner and his wife Mara are an unusual couple to say the least.  Cassie and Graham send letters and cards home, but never receive any mail back, and there is no telephone for them to contact anyone.

To say much more would be to give away too much of the plot, but I really enjoyed this book.  The fact that there are so few characters, and the majority of the book is set in such a remote atmosphere, makes it a ‘claustrophobic’ read.  My one complaint is that the final denouement, when it came, was just too implausible.  Up to that point however, the book had proved a fantastic read, with lots of twists to crank up the tension.

The characters were well developed – which you would expect as there are so few of them.  Cassie was a decent enough heroine (of sorts), while Graham was exasperating, but that was fine because he was obviously supposed to be. 

The ending notwithstanding, this is a real page turner, and I would certainly read more by this author

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