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This book is the first in a series featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire, and set in Absaroka County, Wyoming.  Walt has to investigate when Cody Pritchard, who was one of four young men who committed a serious sexual assault on a young Native American girl, is killed.  Together with his friend, Henry Standing Bear, who is also the uncle of the young girl; and his deputy, the foul-mouthed but efficient Vic Moretti, Walt tries to figure out who killed Cody, and to stop further acts of violence.

I enjoyed this book a lot, mainly because I adored the characters of Walt and Henry.  Walt narrates the novel, and he is an engaging, compassionate and witty narrator.  Henry is calculating, intelligent, and fiercely loyal to his friend, and both characters were very well developed.  I also liked Vic Moretti, who despite railing against everything and everybody, shows her dedication to her job and her boss.

The police investigate the case methodically, and more through good old fashioned instint and sleuthing, rather than the use of hi-tech forensics, or incredible coincidence, and this appealed to me.  The ending was a surprise, but in retrospect, it made sense.

If I had any criticism, I would say that it was the large amount of the novel given over to explanations of the different types of guns used in the story, and the amount of time taken to explain the geography of Absaroka County (possibly because I find it hard to carry such descriptions in my mind).  But I’m probably nitpicking.  Overall, the characters are relatable and believable, and the story does keep you guessing.  I will definitely be reading the further novels in this series.

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